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How Well do you Know "The Hunger Games"?

The Hunger Games are a fight to the death. It's a love story with surprises around every corner and a dramatic story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. What a series! You read all the books, now let's test your knowledge, and discover if you are a Hunger Games expert!


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#1   Katniss's weapon of choice is a ____.

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#2   How many invisible hovercraft are watching over Katniss when she is visiting the remains of District 12 for the first time?

#3   When Katniss is forced to scale the electrified chain-link fence that surrounds District 12, she breaks her _______ and bruises her _______.

#4   "___________" is the title of the song that Katniss's father taught her when she was small. (She sings this while being filmed for a propo in District 12.)

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#5   When Katniss first meets Finnick, he is wearing only a _________.

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#6   In the third book, the remainder of Squad 451 takes refuge in Lioness's store.

#7   In "Catching Fire", the arena is set up in a clock formation. Which is not included in the clock?

#8   When Katniss visits her old home in Victor's Village, what is sitting on her dresser?

#9   The third part of the first "Hunger Game" book is called "The Winner".

#10   President Snow always reeks of roses to cover up for the smell of blood that comes from his ________.

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