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The Black Book of Buried Secrets: The 39 Clues

How much do you know about "The Black Book of Buried Secrets"? Take this quiz and find out! You will be asked questions about people from all branches including the mysterious Madrigals.


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#1   What is the name of Gideon's daughter without any portion of the serum Gideon created?

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#2   In first period English, when Mrs. Withers asked where Amy and Dan had been for the past three weeks, how did Amy respond?

#3   Anastasia Romanov is part of the Janus branch.

#4   Which one of these presidents is a Lucian?

#5   The Ekaterinas make pennies that have cameras and microphones.

#6   When Natalie returns to school, she meets up with Sophie Watson. What branch is she in?

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#7   Which one of these is not an Ekat?

#8   Ted Starling has a seeing eye dog. What is his name?

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#9   Tomas are known for being "all brains and no brawn".

#10   Tomas pick places for their strongholds ______.

#11   What secret sport is Reagan playing?

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#12   What is Buchanan Holt's football number?

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#13   There is a clue hidden in "Frankenstein", the novel.

#14   Justin Bieber is part of the _______ branch.

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#15   Emma Watson is a Janus.




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