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Ancient Chinese Oddities

Which Chinese writer enjoyed reading in the toilet? Did a Chinese woman declare war on the whole world? Find out about these peculiarities and more in this quiz!


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#1   Which of the following essayists is well known for reading in the toilet?

#2   The Jiangyin Massacre was one of the well-known massacres perpetrated by the Qing Dynasty during their conquest of Chinese land south of the Chang Jiang. Why did it take place?

#3   How did Liu Bang avoid his assassination at the Feast at Hong Gate?

#4   Why did Gao Qiu get an important position in the government of the Song Dynasty?

#5   There were professional footballers in ancient China.

#6   During the reign of Emperor Taizu of Ming (Zhu Yuanzhang), for which of the following would you be executed?

#7   Wu Zetian was the only person in history to declare war on the whole world.

#8   Duke Jing of Jin died by falling into a toilet.

#9   A mysterious explosion in 1626 made all the people near Wang Gong Factory, Beijing, lose their clothes.

#10   Emperor Hui of Jin is often said to be one of the most stupid emperors in the history of China. One day, he heard some frogs croaking. What did he say?




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