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Harry Potter: What Spell Would You Use?

If you had angered your worst enemy in the world of Potter and he had set your house on fire to retaliate, what would you do to put the flames out? What if Voldemort yelled "Avada Kedavra!" at you? Take this quiz and you'll be street smart when you enter the world of Potter for real.


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Created By:firefox99


#1   If there was a puddle of dog slobber on your kitchen floor, which of the spells below would you use to clean it up?

#2   Moving day! There is a pile of boxes on the floor, and your mom tells you to move it all upstairs. Feeling lazy, you decide to use magic to move it. What spell do you use?

#3   Your worst enemy, Xubenfyre, bellows "Incendio!", pointing his wand at your wooden house. What spell do you use to put out the flames?

#4   You are lost in the wilderness, but you know that you are southwest of your home. What spell do you use to find the direction back to your home?

#5   Ah! Dementor! What spell or curse do you perform to chase it away?

#6   Oh no! Your home's door is locked and you forgot to bring your keys! What spell should you use to unlock it?

#7   Your friend swallowed a chocolate frog whole, but now he's choking! What spell do you use to clear his airway?

#8   Voldemort cast a spell on your mom, causing her to fall into unconsciousness. What spell do you use to bring her out of unconsciousness?

#9   Voldemort casts Tarantallegra on your friend, Neville Longbottom. What spell do you use to make Neville stop dancing wildly (without killing him)?

#10   There is a mob of Death Eaters around you, and they are all shouting curses (and casting them too) at you. What do you say to shield yourself from the stream of spells?




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