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Bing - Search Engine

How many languages are available in Bing? What was Bing called when it first started? Find out this and more in this quiz.


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Created By:BigBrain159


#1   What did Bing used to be called?

#2   Who unveiled Bing?

#3   Approximately how many languages are available in Bing?

#4   Bing was launched on June 3, 2008.

#5   If you have a Bing email, then what will your email end in?

#6   Larry Page is the owner of Bing.

#7   One of Bing's slogans is "Bing and decide".

#8   What was the Alexa rank for Bing in May 2012?

#9   What account can be linked with Bing?

#10   Bing screens can be displayed in Hindi.




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