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"One Piece" Straw Hat Crew Facts

This quiz is based on the first nine Straw Hat crew members to join the crew in the anime "One Piece". Questions will be about their dreams, their weapons, and more.


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#1   Monkey D. Luffy wants to become which of the following?

#2   Who had Luffy's hat first?

#3   Roronoa Zoro uses how many swords?

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#4   Usopp made Nami a weapon that was which color?

#5   Usopp lived in a village named Foosha Village before leaving to join the Straw Hats.

#6   What is Sanji's nickname on his wanted poster?

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#7   Tony Tony Chopper is usually mistaken for which animal?

#8   What is the "true history" that Nico Robin is searching for?

#9   What is the name of Franky's left arm's attack?

#10   Who is Brook searching for?

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#11   Which Straw Hat has had their bounty for the longest time?

#12   Who has the lowest bounty?

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#13   Who has a bounty of 16 million beli?

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#14   Who is the first Straw Hat to be born in the North Blue?

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#15   Which Straw Hat is represented by a light blue color?




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