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"One Piece" Anime

This quiz is all about "One Piece", an anime about the Straw Hat Pirates and their adventures around the world. If you haven't seen the anime and have only read the manga, the answers may vary.


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#1   Who is the Straw Hats' first mate?

#2   Who gave Luffy his trademark straw hat?

#3   Who is the first villain Luffy fights in the anime?

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#4   What is the name of the person who first battles Sanji during the Baratie Arc?

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#5   Who is the fifth crew member to officially join?

#6   In the Alabasta Arc/Baroque Works Arc, what is Mr. 2's Devil Fruit power?

#7   Luffy couldn't punch the Skypiea god Enel because Luffy was made of rubber.

#8   What do the Straw Hats use to escape from G-8, the Navy base, after they fell from Skypiea?

#9   What is the name of the island on which the Davy Back Fight takes place?

#10   Who was the only Straw Hat Luffy fought as an enemy before they joined the crew?

#11   What color is the Buster Call Den Den Mushi?

#12   During the Thriller Bark Arc, who comes and threatens to take Luffy's head in exchange for sparing the rest of the crew?

#13   What grove is the Thousand Sunny docked at during the Straw Hats' stay at Sabaody Archipelago?

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#14   Boa Hancock and her sisters have a Gorgon eye on their backs.

#15   Where did Bartholomew Kuma send Nami flying?

#16   Which of these is NOT a Demon Guard in Impel Down?

#17   Who does Luffy defeat just before reaching Ace during the Marineford Arc?

#18   Luffy went back to Marineford to send a secret message to his crew telling them to meet up again in three days.

#19   What is the fake Robin's name in the impostor Straw Hats crew at Saboady Archipelago?

#20   Who protects the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats get back?

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