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Do You Know the "Portal" Series?

How well do you know the games "Portal" and "Portal 2"? They are puzzle games that involve maneuvering through portals to complete a challenge.


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Created By:isaihtb


#1   What is the main human character's name?

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#2   What are the two colors of the portals? (Single Player)

#3   What does GLaDOS stand for?

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#4   Which GLaDOS chamber in "Portal 2" introduces Hard Light Bridges?

#5   The company that houses the place is called "Aperture Laboratories".

#6   How many GLaDOS test chambers are doable in "Portal 2"?

#7   Which company released "Portal"?

#8   "Portal 2" came out in 2010.

#9   What is the name of the blue core in "Portal 2"?

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#10   Who says "Well done! Here come the test results"?




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