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Do You Know Your "Warriors"? *Spoilers*

Test out your knowledge of the "Warriors" series in this short quiz. This quiz has everything, from Firestar's beginning in the clans to the Clans' last stand against the Dark Forest. Spoiler Alert: It includes some key plot developments.


Quiz ID:#31856
Fun:** (2.07)
Difficulty:*** (2.27)
Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:Aprilasb


#1   Which cat was the cat mentioned in the prophecy, "Fire alone can save our clan"?

#2   This cat was blinded on one side by a pack of dogs.

#3   This blind medicine cat is half-clan.

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#4   Does Hollyleaf die in the mudslide in the tunnels?

#5   Who is the third cat of the prophecy in "Omen of the Stars"?

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#6   Firestar dies.

#7   Leafpool is daughter of this cat:

#8   How many cats die on the quest to save the water?

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#9   How many "Warriors" series are there?

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#10   Tigerstar is in the dark forest along with Ashfur.




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