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"The Big Bang Theory"

The "Big Bang Theory" is a comedy series about four extremely intelligent, but rather socially awkward professors at a California University. How well do you know them?


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#1   What makes it possible for Raj to speak to women?

#2   We often hear the voice of ________, but we never actually see this character.

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#3   What is Sheldon's costume for Penny's Halloween party?

#4   Where does Howard finally propose to Bernadette?

#5   Who owns the comic book store?

#6   What is Sheldon's girlfriend's full name?

#7   In what field does Bernadette get her Doctorate degree?

#8   After Howard tells his mother he wants to marry Bernadette, she ends up in the hospital due to ___________.

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#9   With whom has Leonard NOT had a relationship?

#10   Leonard's mother is a ____________.

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#11   Which character has a speech impediment?

#12   In a New Year's Eve episode, the friends dress up as superheroes. Raj's superhero costume is Aquaman.




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