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Thunderbirds: the Tracy Family

"Thunderbirds" was a 1960's children's TV programme created by Gerry Anderson. The series focused on International Rescue and the family who run it. But how much do you know about the Tracy family?


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#1   Who is the father of the Tracy boys and head of International Rescue?

#2   What was the head of International Rescue's job before he set up the organization?

#3   Who is the eldest Tracy son?

#4   Who is second eldest Tracy son?

#5   Who is the middle Tracy son?

#6   Who is the second from youngest Tracy son?

#7   Who is the youngest Tracy son?

#8   Which other Tracy family member lives with the father and sons in their secret base?

#9   Scott Tracy has a romantic relationship with Tin-Tin.

#10   Which Tracy brother enjoys art?

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#11   Gordon enjoys playing practical jokes on other people.

#12   As Scott was flying Thunderbird 1 back home after a mission in the episode "The Uninvited", he was shot down over the Sahara Desert.

#13   Which member of the Tracy family takes over as head of International Rescue as the father goes on holiday at Lady Penelope's farm in Bonga Bonga?

#14   Which Tracy brother spends his free time indulging in astronomy?

#15   All the Tracy brothers have exactly the same coloured uniform.




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