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TV Cops & Crime Shows 3

Many fine police and crime shows have adorned our television screens over the years. Synchronize your watches, TV spies and private eyes. "Who loves ya, Baby?"


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#1   Tom Selleck made television history as "Magnum, P.I.". Selleck's hunky character included all of the following traits except:

#2   Cool, clever "I Spy" featured these two actors in leading roles as federal agents.

#3   "The Closer" details the work of Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and her murder investigation squad in the LAPD. Brenda's frequently seen addiction is:

#4   "The Wire" was an HBO drama that featured police battling the drug trade in Seattle.

#5   Successful British import "The Avengers" was produced from 1961 to 1969. Mr. John Steed solved cases with three pretty partners. Select the name below that was not used as a character name for the show.

#6   This quirky mystery premiered in 2002. It was produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and ran for only seven episodes on ABC.

#7   "Honey West" featured which actress as the leggy and smart TV detective?

#8   "The Saint" became familiar to TV audiences in the person of actor Roger Moore. What was the Saint's pseudonym?

#9   Stephanie Zimbalist is crafty private investigator Laura Holt, who can't find a crime to solve. Enter Pierce Brosnan, phony-yet-dapper detective, and you have:

#10   "Wallander" is personified for TV by this distinguished British film actor for the PBS series of the same name.

#11   Greek and enigmatic, Detective Lieutenant Theo "Kojak" graced our TV screens for how many seasons?

#12   Dennis Weaver gave us this leisurely, likeable cop who hailed from New Mexico. He wore a cowboy hat even in his freshly assigned digs in New York City.




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