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Everybody Loves Raymond 1

Ray Barone and his family live across the street from his parents on Long Island. His mother and father, and sometimes his brother are often "too close for comfort".


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Category:Television > Comedy
Created By:marsha1948


#1   Ray Barone works as a _____________.

#2   Ray is married to ____________.

#3   Ray met his wife when...

#4   Raymond's mother thinks his wife is an excellent cook and housekeeper.

#5   Robert is _________________.

#6   Ray's children are...

#7   Ray's dad is played by _______________.

#8   Marie and Frank have this wedding gift hanging on the wall in their kitchen.

#9   In one episode, Officer Robert Barone...

#10   Amy is Robert's first wife.

#11   In the final season, Frank and Marie move to a retirement community in...

#12   Kevin James sometimes appears in the show as Ray's friend...




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