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Viva Piñata!

This quiz is about the Xbox game developed by Rare about a world of living piñatas that thrive in a garden made by you. How much do you know about it?


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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:klsowell


#1   What is the first piñata that is attracted into your garden?

#2   A Roario is a tiger piñata.

#3   What plant must a Sparrowmint eat to turn purple?

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#4   Which is needed to attract a Cluckles (on classic edition)?

#5   What is the normal color of a Squazzil?

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#6   Besides a nightshade berry, what is needed to evolve a Lickatoad into a Lackatoad?

#7   There is a tomato plant that you can grow in the game.

#8   What is the name of the first non-piñata, non-player character introduced?

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#9   What is the name of the piñata that cannot be hatched, fetched, traded, or given accesories?

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#10   There is a very valuable tree that can be grown in the garden. It is curly and white with yellow stripes and can only be bought from Ivor's Bargain. What is its name?

#11   If you feed one seed of each primary color to a Cluckles, it will transform into a Parrybo.

#12   There is a mouse piñata.




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