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Cast of "The Amazing Race 20"

How much do you know about "The Amazing Race 20", the show where your brains and brawn both come into play? Take this quiz and find out more about the "amazing" show!


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Created By:Faith511


#1   What is Art and JJ's occupation?

#2   What T.V. show did Brendon and Rachel meet on?

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#3   How many times did Vanessa and Ralph come in 4th?

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#4   Which team includes two clowns?

#5   Which team says they're teachers, but are actually federal agents?

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#6   Who says, "I need hair to be pretty"?

#7   Who was eliminated first?

#8   Which team was eliminated third, and where?

#9   In season 7, there was a Fast Forward where both team members had to shave their heads. Who performed the fast forward in season 20?

#10   Who won the race?




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