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The Amazing Race 11

How much do you know about "The Amazing Race" season 11? The quiz will quiz you on how much you paid attention to details in the Roadblocks (one person tasks), Detours (a choice between two tasks), most of the episodes, and much more!


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Fun:** (1.9)
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Category:Television > Reality
Created By:Emma2662


#1   What country were they in for leg three?

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#2   What were the two Detours in leg nine?

#3   What did they win in leg eleven?

#4   Who were the final three?

#5   Charla & Mirna won their first-ever first places in this season.

#6   There was a Roadblock in leg one.

#7   Who won both Fast Forwards?

#8   Each leg required plane travel.

#9   Who ended up winning?

#10   It isn't the first time a team has won "The Amazing Race" despite getting Yielded twice.




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