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Let's Talk, Parrot Talk

Parrots are fascinating, exotic animals. These birds come in different sizes and colors. They entertain us with their antics and the ability to speak. Enjoy this quiz filled with a few facts about our feathered friends!


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Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:Coleen


#1   Avocados are good for parrots.

#2   Parrots should be fed a seed mix diet only.

#3   Which of the following parrots is the largest?

#4   A Nanday is a subspecies of _________.

#5   All parrots will talk.

#6   Which of the following parrots has the longest tail?

#7   As individual parrots, some can pronounce words better than others.

#8   What of the following words can a parrot not learn to say?

#9   A blue cere on an adult parakeet means that it is a _______.

#10   Which one of the following foods should you not give a parrot?

#11   Which of the subspecies of the African Grey is bigger?

#12   Which African Grey has the maroon colored tail?




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