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"A.N.T. Farm"

How well do you know the hit Disney series "A.N.T. Farm", the show about the musical prodigy, Chyna Parks, who tries to fit in at her new school, "Webster High"?


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#1   How old is the show's main protagonist, Chyna Parks?

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#2   What is Paisley's last name?

#3   Olivia Holt plays Lexi.

#4   List only one superhero that Cameron came up with in "Slumber Party ANTics".

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#5   What is the name of Webster High School's mascot?

#6   What is Fletcher's full name?

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#7   What is the name of the famous play Webster High was going to put on in "You're The One That I wANT"?

#8   What is the first name of the actress who plays Chyna Ann Parks?

#9   Cameron's initials coincidentally spell out his dad's career. What are Cameron's initials and his dad's job?

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#10   Who is Gibson portrayed by?




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