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Legend of Korra

The quiz is about the personal info of the characters in the cartoon "Legend of Korra". "Legend of Korra" is also a sequel to "Avatar the Last Airbender". It is also about bending. Bending is the natural ability to control the elements water, air, fire, and earth.


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Fun:*** (2.1)
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Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:wyse


#1   Who is Korra?

#2   What is Korra's pro-bending team called?

#3   Which people make up Korra's team?

#4   What is Aang's son's name?

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#5   Who is Toph Beifong's daughter?

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#6   Tenzin is a waterbender.

#7   Korra's native element is fire.

#8   Aang is dead.

#9   Korrlok is a bloodbender.

#10   Korrlok's bending was taken away.




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