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The "Kingdom Hearts" Series

This mixture of "Final Fantasy" and Disney has been through many games and many devices. How much do you know about this series?


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#1   Terra kills Master Eraqus in "Birth by Sleep".

#2   In "Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix", how many Drive Forms are there?

#3   In "Kingdom Hearts", the player can collect 101 dalmatians throughout the game's worlds.

#4   How many different Organization XIII members does Sora fight in "Chain of Memories"?

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#5   Who is the first person Roxas is sent on a mission with in "358/2 Days"?

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#6   How many times does Sora fight Riku in "Kingdom Hearts"?

#7   Which magic does Sora learn first in "Kingdom Hearts"?

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#8   What is Zexion's original name?

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#9   Why has Deep Jungle never been used as a world after "Kingdom Hearts"?

#10   Before his name was given, Roxas was known as the Blue-Eyed Kid, or BEK.




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