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"Thunderbirds": the Main Characters

"Thunderbirds" was a 1960's children's programme created by Gerry Anderson. The show followed International Rescue, which was run by the Tracy family, as they risked their lives for others. But how much do you know about the main characters outside of the Tracy family?


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#1   What is the name of the person who helps with the domestic arrangements at Tracy Island?

#2   Tin-Tin lives on Tracy Island with her father.

#3   What is the name of the villain in "Thunderbirds"?

#4   What is Brains's real name?

#5   Who invented the International Rescue machines?

#6   The secret agent, Lady Penelope, is based where in England?

#7   What is Lady Penelope's full name?

#8   Parker is Lady Penelope's chef.

#9   What is Parker's first name?

#10   Parker was arrested and put in prison for robbery.

#11   Lady Penelope never visits Tracy Island.

#12   Who does Lady Penelope have a romantic relationship with?




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