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"Warriors" - "Omen of the Stars"

This is a quiz full of questions about the latest "Warriors" series, "Omen of the Stars". Test your knowledge on all six books! "Warriors" is about different clans of cats. They have their good times and they have their bad times, but for them, good always wins.


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Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:Aprilasb


#1   Who are the three cats of the prophecy? (Not counting the fourth).

#2   Dovewing and Ivypool are the daughters of Whitefur and Birchfall.

#3   What color are Dovewing's eyes? Use any of the books' "Allegiances" sections.

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#4   Longtail is still alive in "The Last Hope".

#5   This quote is correct: "After the sharp-eyed Jay and the roaring Lion, peace will not come on Dove's peaceful wing."

#6   Ivypool is a spy for Jayfeather and Lionblaze in the Dark Forest.

#7   Ivypool and Dovewing make their first appearance before "Omen of the Stars". They appear in "Sunset".

#8   What were the two qualities that Firestar honored in Dovewing's Warrior ceremony?

#9   Who is the "Forgotten Warrior"?

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#10   In "Sign of the Moon", Jayfeather travels with Squirrelflight, Foxleap, and Dovewing to the Tribe of Rushing Wind.




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