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''Adventure Quest Worlds'' Basics

''Adventure Quest Worlds'' is a multi-player game which allows you to fight all kinds of monsters, such as dragons, the undead, and many, many more! There are also PvP (Player versus Player) battle grounds where you can attack the other players in game! How much do you know about the basics of the game?


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#1   The producer of this game is Artix Entertainment.

#2   On which date, month, and year was this game released?

#3   On what day of the week (server time) is the weekly new release of the game posted?

#4   What is the money in the game called?

#5   While you are standing still, you will regain some health. How can you make your health regain faster?

#6   What are the four main starting classes?

#7   Every class has ______ rank(s).

#8   How do you attack a monster?

#9   How many Chaos Lord(s) are there in this game?

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#10   Drakath is the Champion of Chaos.




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