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The Amazing World of Gumball

This is a quiz about a modern TV show. It is about a blue cat named Gumball, his family, and his pet fish who grew legs and joined the Watersons.


Quiz ID:#32067
Fun:** (2.05)
Difficulty:** (1.19)
Category:Television > Children's Shows
Created By:kmrutledge


#1   How many different kinds of animals are in Gumball's family?

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#2   What does Darwin call Gumball's dad?

#3   Who is Gumball in love with?

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#4   Who is the school counselor?

#5   Miss Simeon is in love with Principal Brown.

#6   Tina is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

#7   What is the robot's name?

#8   Who is the school janitor?

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#9   In "The Race", who did Gumball's dad say was his favorite?

#10   In "The Picnic", did Miss Simeon say go through or avoid the forest of doom?




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