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Ultimate Greek Mythology

Gods and goddesses, Olympians and Titans, hideous beasts, sea gods, war gods, and much more had many adventures. Can you prove your love for Greek Mythology?


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#1   Of this group, who is a Titan?

#2   Which of these monuments from Greek mythology can you see today?

#3   What was the name of the sea serpent that was supposed to devour Andromeda as an offering to save her parents' kingdom?

#4   What are Persephone's relationships with Hades?

#5   Which creature follows the description? 'When you cut off one head, two more grow back.'

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#6   What is the name of the island on which Leto had her twins?

#7   Which island were the Minotaur and his labyrinth located on?

#8   Perseus defeated the Minotaur with his bare hands.

#9   Who granted King Midas his wish?

#10   Echo is a:

#11   Who is NOT a muse?

#12   Pan is a god in the shape of a:

#13   Eos is what?

#14   Charon is the:

#15   Cronus was the oldest of the Titans.

#16   Eros (Cupid) is the son of Aphrodite.




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