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2011-12 NBA Season

NBA stands for National Basketball Association. It is an American basketball league. This quiz is based on the events that happened over the course of the 2011-12 NBA season.


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#1   Because of the lockout, when did the regular season start?

#2   Chris Paul was traded to the L.A. Clippers on December 13th. However, there was another proposed trade for Paul five days earlier, but it was rejected by league commissioner David Stern. If that trade had gone through, where would Paul have gone?

#3   10 teams wore throwback jerseys over the course of the season to honor their former ABA teams. Which one of these teams did not wear a throwback?

#4   What rule was changed about the shot clock?

#5   Golden State Warriors fans booed during a number-retiring ceremony for which Warriors legend?

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#6   Who won the 2011 All-Star game? Who was the MVP?

#7   Who had the best record at the end of the season? (Answer as such: Team and Team. Do not use the word 'the'.)

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#8   Who led the regular season in points?

#9   Derrick Rose received what injury in round 1, game 1 of the playoffs?

#10   Who won the regular season and Finals MVP?

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#11   Who won the championship?

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#12   Over the offseason, Dwight Howard was traded to which team? (Don't use the word 'the'.)

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