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By the Numbers - Musical Artists Editon

Many musical artists, such as "Sum 41" contain numbers as part of their name. How many of these artists do you know?


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#1   How many "Non-Blondes" were in the group that sang "What's Going On"?

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#2   What Irish band's songs include "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "Under a Blood Red Sky"?

#3   The American band 10,000 Maniacs was formed in 1985.

#4   Which band listed below is misnamed?

#5   What number completes the names of all these bands: __ Doors Down; ___ Days Grace; and Spacemen ___?

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#6   Which band below does not have a name completed with the number 5?

#7   According to the name of a band, it takes 30 seconds to get to which planet in our solar system?

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#8   What punk rock band was formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California by Javier Escovedo, Robert Lopez, Hector Penalosa, and Baba Chenelle?

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#9   What female name completes the name of the band 7 _____ 3?

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#10   What number appears in the name of an American band whose name was inspired by a book by C.S. Lewis?




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