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"Thunderbirds": the Machines

"Thunderbirds" was a 1960's children's programme created by Gerry Anderson. The show followed International Rescue, which was run by the Tracy family, as they risked their lives for others. How much do you know about the machines?


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#1   Who is the main pilot of Thunderbird 1?

#2   Who pilots Thunderbird 2?

#3   Who is the main pilot of Thunderbird 3?

#4   Who pilots Thunderbird 4?

#5   Who is the main space monitor on Thunderbird 5?

#6   What is Thunderbird 1's top speed?

#7   How many booster rockets are there on Thunderbird 1?

#8   Thunderbird 2 has a larger wing span than Thunderbird 1.

#9   How many pods can Thunderbird 2 choose from?

#10   How tall is Thunderbird 3?

#11   Thunderbird 4 is very slow.

#12   On Thunderbird 5, the living quarters are on the first floor.

#13   Which of these is NOT one of Thunderbird 2's pod vehicles?

#14   Lady Penelope's vehicle, FAB 1, is what type of car?

#15   FAB 1 has no driving mirror.




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