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By the Numbers - Song Edition

Many songs, such as Iron Maiden's "22 Acacia Avenue", have numbers as part of their title. How many of these songs can you identify?


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#1   According to the song performed by Radiohead, what does 2+2 equal?

#2   How far are the Proclaimers willing to walk to see the woman they love?

#3   At what age is Paul McCartney concerned that he will no longer be loved?

#4   Randy Travis sings about "___ Wooden Crosses" that were placed along the highway after a fatal traffic accident.

#5   In the 1959 Roger and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music", Rolf sings a song to Lisel regarding their respective ages. How old are these two characters?

#6   Irving Berlin wrote a song in which a dying businessman calls his son to his side to let him know that "Cohen Owes Me _____Dollars".

#7   Metallica, U2, Bee Gees, Fat Joe, Three Dog Night, and Swedish House Mafia have all recorded different songs entitled ____.

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#8   How many Piña Coladas does Garth Brooks want while he is lying on the beach?

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#9   The opening lines of which song by The Tragically Hip are about a prison break?

#10   The song "409", about a Chevrolet 409, was recorded by The Monkees.




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