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By the Numbers - Television Edition

Many TV shows, such as "The $64,000 Question", have numbers as part of their title. How many of these shows can you identify?


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#1   Hugh Downs hosted the television news program "60 Minutes" from 1978-1999.

#2   According to the title of a sitcom starring Dick Van Patten, how many "is Enough"?

#3   Eric and Annie Camden were living in "___ Heaven" in this series that aired from 1996–2007.

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#4   Charlie and Don Eppes were brothers who solved crimes for the FBI in what CBS drama?

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#5   Brandon and Brenda Walsh could tell you that ______ is the zip code for Beverly Hills, CA.

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#6   In what century does "Buck Rogers" find himself after a freak accident?

#7   Col. Steve Austin was known as "The Million Dollar Man".

#8   The 1994 film "Quiz Show" is a historical drama based on the real life scandal involving cheating on what 1950s game show?

#9   Beacon Street Pizza is among the primary settings for "___ Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place".

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#10   After "The Jeffersons" was cancelled, Marla Gibbs played housewife Mary Jenkins on ____.




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