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The first recorded game that resembles what is now called football in North America took place in the mid 1800s and pitted a Canadian team from McGill University in Montréal, Québec against players from Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA. Since that time, both countries have created professional football leagues. Though both the Canadian Football League (CFL) and National Football League (NFL) play a game based on the original game, there are slight variations in the way the game developed in each league. See how many of these differences you know.


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#1   Which league is older?

#2   Which league has more players (per team) on the field at the same time?

#3   Which league allows more downs to achieve a 10 yard advance?

#4   In which league is an unconverted touchdown (TD) worth more points?

#5   Which league gives an offence more time to begin the play once signaled by the referee?

#6   Which league plays on a bigger field?

#7   In which league is a safety worth two points?

#8   In which league do the defensive linesmen line up immediately opposite the line of scrimmage?

#9   In which league do kickoffs occur closer to midfield?

#10   In which league do the players earn more money?

#11   Which league's teams have a larger roster of active players?




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