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"Ace Attorney" Character Quiz (Killers)

This is one of a series of quizzes based on the "Ace Attorney" game series. This quiz focuses on the cold blooded killers that are featured in the series.


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Created By:coolcat101202


#1   Shelly De Killer leaves a calling card that has a picture of a _________ on it.

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#2   De Killer shot Miles Edgeworth shortly before the trial of Matt Enguarde.

#3   The Joe Darke killings are known as the ___________ incident.

#4   Alita Tiala was the fiancĂ©e of whom?

#5   Alita Tiala killed Wocky Kitaki.

#6   Mimi Miney is also known as ________ Miney.

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#7   Mimi was treated after her accident at which clinic?

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#8   Mimi worked at the ______ Surgical Clinic before her accident.

#9   Furio Tigre disguised himself as whom?

#10   Furio Tigre owns a loan business called what?

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#11   Redd White is the CEO of __________.

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#12   Redd White killed Phoenix's mentor, Mia Fey.

#13   Ken Dinging, also known as Acro, had a brother named ________.

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#14   Acro purposely murdered Russell Berry.




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