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"The Truth About Forever" - Sarah Dessen

This is a quiz for lovers of the novels by the author Sarah Dessen. This quiz is on her novel, "The Truth About Forever" and the questions are about the characters and events in that book.


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#1   What activity did Macy like to do with her father?

#2   What is the name of the catering company that is owned by Delia?

#3   Wes and Bert are related how?

#4   At the start of the summer, Macy was going out with Wes.

#5   What game do Macy and Wes play together?

#6   Macy works at the library.

#7   Where does Jason go over the summer?

#8   Which of these symbols is not used in Wes's sculptures?

#9   Macy's father got her an EZ product for her Christmas present just before he died.

#10   What did Delia name her newborn daughter?

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