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"Thunderbirds": the Episodes

"Thunderbirds" was a 1960's children's programme created by Gerry Anderson. The show followed International Rescue, which was run by the Tracy family, as they risked their lives for others. How much do you know about the episodes?


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#1   When was the debut episode of "Thunderbirds" first aired?

#2   What was the debut episode's title?

#3   Which episode is this quote from? "Sorry I'm late folks. I had to milk the cows before I took off."

#4   Which episode includes all of the regular cast and all five Thunderbird craft?

#5   Which episode is this quote from? "Garanga kabuko otula. Nik nik tarassa!"

#6   What was the first episode of the second season of "Thunderbirds"?

#7   Which episode is this quote from? "No one has been hurt and Scott will keep a check on the situation. He'll realize that this is not a job for International Rescue."

#8   Which episode is this quote from? "Bugs in the flowers, peeping Thomases at the windows, pens that send messages... I need reviving!"

#9   Which episode features the character Rick O'Shea?

#10   What was the last episode of "Thunderbirds"?




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