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"Thunderbirds": the Voice Cast

"Thunderbirds" was a 1960's children's programme created by Gerry Anderson. The show followed International Rescue, which was run by the Tracy family, as they risked their lives for others. How much do you know about the voice cast?


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#1   Who was Jeff Tracy voiced by?

#2   Who was Scott Tracy voiced by?

#3   In the first season of "Thunderbirds", who was Virgil Tracy voiced by?

#4   In the second season of "Thunderbirds", who was Virgil Tracy voiced by?

#5   Who was Alan Tracy voiced by?

#6   Who was Gordon Tracy voiced by?

#7   Who was John Tracy voiced by?

#8   Who was Lady Penelope voiced by?

#9   Who was Tin-Tin voiced by?

#10   Gordon Tracy, Parker, Kyrano, and Brains were all voiced by the same actor.

#11   Grandma Tracy was voiced by the same person who voiced Lady Penelope.

#12   Alan Tracy's voice was provided by the same actor in every episode.

#13   The voice artist of Lady Penelope didn't voice any other characters in "Thunderbirds".

#14   The voice artist who provided the voice for John Tracy also provided the voice for which character?

#15   In the episode "Trapped in the Sky", how many voices did David Graham provide?




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