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The Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of great development in Europe's art, architecture, literature, philosophy, sciences, and exploration. It started in the fourteenth century and reached its full flowering in the sixteenth century. Northern Italy, particularly Florence, is seen as the birthplace of the Renaissance. (Please note: national boundaries and names during the Renaissance were often vastly different from their modern counterparts. The wording of many questions and answers reflects this.)


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#1   Which of these gives the best meaning of the historical term Renaissance?

#2   The people of the time knew they were living in an extraordinary era and proudly named it "The Renaissance".

#3   The patronage of the rich and powerful was important for the work of Renaissance artists, writers, builders, etc. Which of these was NOT a great patron of the Renaissance?

#4   The Renaissance is said to have started in the north Italian independent city-states. Which of these was NOT a north Italian city-state in that period?

#5   The Habsburgs were a powerful family who ruled a vast amount of territory. In which of the following areas did the Habsburgs control NO territory in the sixteenth century?

#6   Which is NOT a famous work by Michelangelo?

#7   Which of these is NOT an art work by Leonardo da Vinci?

#8   Which of these was NOT a Renaissance writer?

#9   Which of these was NOT an artist of the Renaissance in Germany and the Low Countries?

#10   Which of these was NOT an important figure in Renaissance England?

#11   Which of these statements is NOT true about the Renaissance period?

#12   During the Renaissance period, Europeans moved out to explore the world beyond their boundaries. There were two main originators of this exploration. They were _______.

#13   Which of these was NOT an explorer during the Renaissance period?

#14   Which of these was NOT an important thinker during the Renaissance?

#15   Which of these was NOT an achievement of the Renaissance?




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