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The Early Settlement of Australia

This quiz deals with man's early exploration and settlement of Australia up until the early nineteenth century.


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#1   Evidence suggests that the first Australians, the Aborigines, have been in Australia for how long?

#2   It is estimated by experts that, at the time of the arrival of Europeans in Australia, there were how many Aborigines living in Australia?

#3   Which of the following groups of people is thought NOT to have had contact with Australia prior to European settlement?

#4   The first European nation to set up a permanent colony in Australia was _______.

#5   The first British explorer proven to have sighted Australia was _______.

#6   Which of these was NOT a name for Australia on many pre-1800 maps?

#7   The first permanent British settlement of Australia was established in _______.

#8   The first British settlement of Australia was established at _______.

#9   Who was the governor in charge of the first British settlement of Australia?

#10   The first British settlement of Australia was populated mainly by _______.




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