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Colour Your World - Sports Edition

Many professional sports teams, such as the Toronto Blue Jays, have a colour as part of their name. How many of these teams do you know?


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#1   What colour is in the name of an NHL team from Columbus, Ohio?

#2   Which world champion rugby union team preforms a Haka called "Ka Mate" before each match?

#3   Two Major League Baseball teams have similar names aside from the colour. What are the two colours in the team names? (Do not use "and" in your answer).

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#4   Which of the colours listed below does not appear in the name of an NFL team?

#5   What colour appears in the name of the MLS (Major League Soccer) team from Vancouver, B.C.?

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#6   What colour appears in the names of NCAA teams from California, Kent State, and Minnesota?

#7   What US university's teams are known as "Orange"?

#8   What colour appears in the name of an NCAA team whose cheer is "Roll Tide Roll"?

#9   What colourful nickname was given to the 1919 baseball team accused of throwing the World Series?

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#10   The Silverbacks are a rugby team based in Atlanta, Georgia.




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