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Animal Names

Animals have interesting names: sometimes they have a reason, other times not. Here are some names that either fit or don't fit what the animal actually is.


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#1   Is a Whale shark a whale, a shark, or a giant squid?

#2   Why is a chickadee called a chickadee?

#3   How did the cardinal get its name?

#4   Is a jellyfish a fish?

#5   Where did the sailfish get its name?

#6   What is a sea wasp?

#7   What group is a sloth in?

#8   Besides coming from the Latin word animal (meaning "having breath" and therefore living in our eyes) the word animal also comes from the Latin verb animo, meaning to animate. This is why the main characteristic of an animal is that it can move.

#9   One characteristic of a mammal is that they feed their young milk from mammary glands, hence the name mammal.

#10   What is the difference between a common name and a scientific name?




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