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What Do You Know About NPR?

What do you know about NPR? Do you even know what it is? NPR is a national service that many people have heard of. This quiz will test your knowledge about NPR.


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#1   What does NPR stand for?

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#2   Which person hosts "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"?

#3   What does "Car Talk" not do?

#4   Martha Stewart was on "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!".

#5   What is the section that the special guest does called in "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"?

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#6   What is not on "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"?

#7   What is the theme of "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!"?

#8   "All Things Considered" is on NPR.

#9   Is "This American Life" on NPR?

#10   On "Car Talk", what do they call the third section of the show?

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