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Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan

This is the third book in the "Heroes of Olympus" novels, a spin-off series of the Percy Jackson books. This book follows "The Lost Hero" and "Son of Neptune".


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#1   The seven demigods who go on the quest against Gaia are Leo, Hazel, Percy, Jason, Frank, Piper, and _________.

#2   Who does Hazel mistake Leo for?

#3   Which god did Leo and Hazel find surrounded by fortune cookies?

#4   Who is Echo trying to save?

#5   The twin giants are named what?

#6   Which god do Jason, Piper, and Percy meet in Kansas?

#7   Which demigod fires on New Rome?

#8   What does Phorcys use to trap Percy and Frank?

#9   What species gives the demigods brownies for their trip?

#10   What does Hercules make the heroes get from Achelous?

#11   The ---- -- ------ guides Annabeth on her individual quest.

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#12   Annabeth and Percy meet two Romans who look like American movie stars. Which stars do they look like?

#13   Gaia guards the statue of Athena.

#14   Who is rescued from the giants by Percy, Jason, and Hazel?

#15   Which Roman landmark was host to the giants and some of the demigods as they fought to save their lives?




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