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Shaun Of The Dead

This quiz is based on the 2004 comedy/horror film "Shaun Of The Dead", which is a romantic comedy...but with zombies.


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Category:Movies > Comedy
Created By:Stickmenpwn


#1   Shaun refers to Liz's friend, Dianne, as what?

#2   Which of these "blunt objects" was not gathered from the shed/Liz's apartment?

#3   Who accidentally throws a dart into Shaun's head?

#4   What is used as a make-do spear in order to pin a zombie into a tree.

#5   Complete this quote, which is said multiple times throughout the film: "You've got ___ on you."

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#6   What is the name of the first zombie Shaun and Ed encounter?

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#7   The homeless person who asks Shaun for spare change had a pet dog before turning into a zombie.

#8   What is the name of the Indian shopkeeper?

#9   Shaun wears his red tie around his neck throughout the entire film.

#10   What does Pete mistake some zombies that "mugged" him for?

#11   Who receives a phone call just as Shaun, Ed, Liz, Barbara, Dianne, and Kevin are about to enter the Winchester?

#12   What does Ed's shirt that is worn throughout the whole movie say?

#13   Which character wears glasses?

#14   The rifle above the bar in the Winchester is functioning.

#15   The second time Phillip was bitten, it was by a zombie wearing a hoodie of what colour?

#16   Which of these characters survived?

#17   How did Shaun, Ed, Barbara, Liz, Dianne, and Kevin manage to get to the Winchester undetected by zombies?




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