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Who Sang This?

In each question, I'll show you some lyrics to a song. You have to guess which band or singer sang it. Good luck!


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Created By:WarriorKat


#1   Which singer sings this: "When I don't care, I can play 'em like a Ken doll"?

#2   Which band sings this: "All our lives, we've been waiting for someone to call our leader"?

#3   Which singer sings this: "Castles they might crumble, dreams may not come true, but you are never all alone, 'cause I will always, always love you"?

#4   Which band sings this: "I forgot to say aloud how beautiful you really are to me"?

#5   Which singer sings this: "I wanna walk on your wavelength and be there when you vibrate; for you I'd risk it all"?

#6   Which band sings this: "I cried out with no reply, and I can't feel you by my side"?

#7   Which singer sings this: "Remember all the things we wanted, now all the memories they're haunted, we were always meant to say goodbye"?

#8   Which band sings this: "Here I am staring at your perfection in my arms; so beautiful"?

#9   Which singer sings this: "I never knew what you were capable of; baby I would've kept my heart"?

#10   Which band sings this: "Shattered windows and the sound of drums, people couldn't believe what I've become"?




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