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Half-Life 2: Episode One

The sequel to "Half-Life 2", this first-person shooter continues the story of Dr. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance as they struggle to save a world that's falling apart.


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#1   In the opening sequence, Alyx is trapped in the Citadel and facing certain death. Who rescues her?

#2   Who encourages Alyx and Gordon to save the Citadel core from collapsing?

#3   Alyx copies the video from the Citadel to her ____, which she always wears on her belt.

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#4   Gordon and Alyx get on a train car to escape the Citadel, but have to get off only a few minutes later. Why?

#5   The term "Zombine" is a combination of the words "zombie" and:

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#6   When Gordon meets up with Barney again, what does Barney give him?

#7   The Suppression Field is deactivated in this game.

#8   What destroys City 17 at the end of the game?

#9   How many chapters does "Episode One" have?

#10   In what year was this game released?




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