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Test your knowledge on the first game in this series of first-person shooter games.


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#1   Drinking alcohol increases health, but drains EVE. Smoking does the opposite.

#2   Dr. Tenenbaum sends you a gift every time you save three Little Sisters. These gifts always include ____ ADAM.

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#3   You can research all of these by taking photos of them except:

#4   As you take research photos of enemies, your research level for them increases and you are rewarded. Which of these is NOT a reward?

#5   Sander Cohen asks you to take pictures of ____ particular people after their deaths.

#6   Jack (the player character) is the son of:

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#7   Frank Fontaine almost kills Jack after Andrew Ryan is murdered. Dr. Tenenbaum saves him, but only if Jack has been saving the Little Sisters as she asked.

#8   There are multiple phrases that control the main character when uttered. They all do the same thing.

#9   The Little Sisters frequently refer to "Mr. Bubbles". Who is Mr. Bubbles really?

#10   How many possible endings does the game have?




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