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Half-Life 2: Episode Two

In this continuation of "Half-Life 2: Episode One", Dr. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance make their way to White Forest.


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#1   How is Alyx wounded at the beginning of the game?

#2   Name ONE of the rebels you meet up with in the Antlion caves.

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#3   It is revealed that Dr. Wallace Breen saved Alyx from dying in the Black Mesa Incident when she was very young.

#4   You race ____ to the White Forest base.

#5   Who is revealed to hold a grudge against Gordon?

#6   The message Alyx copied in "Episode One" turns out to have information about a ship. What is the name of the ship?

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#7   Which of these things does NOT happen in the chapter "T-Minus One"?

#8   None of these characters appear in "Episode Two" except:

#9   What is the name of Black Mesa's competitor?

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#10   Which of these chapter names does not belong?




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