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What's That Called?

There are many things that we see or use almost daily but the names of which are unfamiliar to many people. How many of these things can you identify?


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#1   Where on your body would you find a lunule?

#2   What is the term for the lowest point on your chin?

#3   What is the word for the fleshy punching bag shaped lobe in the back of your throat?

#4   What is the word for the corner of your eye where the upper and lower lids meet?

#5   What is the word for the cuticle of a fingernail?

#6   What is the word for the small spiked wheel on the back of a spur?

#7   What is the word for the metal band at the top of a pencil below the eraser?

#8   What is the word for standing with your hands on your hips with your elbows bowed outward?

#9   Where are you most likely to find a Brannock Device?

#10   What should you do with a dragĂ©e?




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