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Poptropica Adventures

The Poptropica website is filled with tons of adventures, islands, and characters. It's time to put it all to the test!


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#1   When you give a crying boy a green balloon, the balloon takes him up into the sky. What island is this on?

#2   On Reality TV Island, who is the movie star that is staying at The Wayside Motel?

#3   On Time Tangled Island, in the future, there is a servant robot in your future house.

#4   Which island was released earliest?

#5   On Super Villain Island, you go into the dreams of Dr. Hare and Captain Crawfish. What is one of the two other infamous Poptropican villains' dreams you enter?

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#6   On Ghost Story Island, they mention the name of the warden who haunts the prison.

#7   On Counterfeit Island, you receive a painting with a hidden x-ray message from the museum curator, telling you to meet her:

#8   In order of release, Steamworks island was the _______ island to be released to the public.

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#9   On Zomberry Island, Dr. Remero turns into a zombie.

#10   On Night Watch Island, the new product everyone is in line for is the:

#11   The Super Power Island villain that flies and has pink hair is named:

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#12   On Mystery Train Island, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, as well as George Ferris, are passengers on the train.

#13   On Skullduggery Island, which island has the shop where you can buy new ships?




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