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Colour Your World - Song Edition

Many songs, such as "Blue Moon", contain colours as part of their name. How many of these songs do you know?


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#1   What colour was the item of apparel that is being described in the song that contains the lyrics "One, two, three, four, tell the people what she wore"?

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#2   What Sheb Wooley song tells of a creature that comes to earth from outer space to join a rock and roll band?

#3   According to the group Funeral for a Friend, "____ is the New Black".

#4   Green, white, yellow, and blue are all colours used in songs to describe what holiday?

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#5   What colour is the lady who is "dancing with me" wearing?

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#6   Duke Ellington and Irving Mills wrote a song about what colour mood?

#7   Among the many patriotic songs written during WWI was "Boys in _____, Boys in Blue".

#8   Marty Robbins wrote a song about "A White Sport Coat (and a ______ Carnation)".

#9   According to his 1967 song, what colour eyes does Van Morrison's girl have?

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#10   Dodie Stevens sings about a pair of tan shoes that have what colour laces?

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