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Not That Kind of Doctor

Not all doctors on TV are MDs, many hold degrees of a different type. How many of these doctors can you identity?


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#1   Sheldon Cooper, one of the many doctors on "The Big Bang Theory", received a degree in which branch of physics?

#2   A member of the BAU on "Criminal Minds", Dr. Spencer Reid has earned PhDs in multiple disciplines. Which of the following is not one of them?

#3   Dr. Bruce Banner had a PhD in what field?

#4   Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan obtained a PhD in archaeology.

#5   Dr. Charlie Eppes had an art degree.

#6   Roy Hinkley, the professor on "Gilligan's Island", held a PhD in what field?

#7   Which character from "Lost" had a PhD in physics?

#8   In addition to having her M.D., Dr. Cristina Yang also received a PhD from UCLA.

#9   Many of the main characters on "The Big Bang Theory" have obtained PhDs. Amy and Bernadette both earned degrees in which branch of science?

#10   Which of the following characters on "Stargate SG-1" held a PhD?




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